A Blasian Represents China in 2012 VolleyBall Olympics

First of all, I have to say WOW! Props to China for making a bold move in showing to the world that they are not totally racist. This is just a matter of time for the people of China to get use to seeing other then yellow skin people with in the walls of China.

Hanami and Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens-April 2 - May 1

Hanami is a month long celebration of Japanese culture at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens starting April 2, followed by the Sakura Matsuri Festival - A weekend long festival of Japanese culture. Come in your best CosPlay attire (or come casually dressed).

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M.I.A.'s album MAYA

I love M.I.A.

She is a true artist. I especially like her because she didn't have to pose nude to sell her albums. I've purchased 'MAYA' About 2 months ago. MAYA went in a totally different direction than her previous albums - This album is hard hitting. Hands down Awesome! I advise listeners to not look for bridges to the previous albums. Just go in head first as an independent piece. You'll appreciate it more.

multilingual or not multilingual, that is the question

There comes a time when parents of a mutli-cultured baby will ask them selves, should I teach my baby both languages and cultures?

Before we came to an answer, we first weighed the usual pros and cons.

Should we teach her English and Cantonese-Chinese?

Mobile At Last!

Our family is finally mobile with a Honda Fit! The journey to being mobile is a long story.

First Choice, Honda Odyssey... roomy and spacious with a price tag to match! This was our first choice because we plan on having a big family. The extra room and comfort that this minivan has to offer is unmatched.

Back from Korea

I've been back since Sunday night, actually.

I returned with various souvenirs for friends, gifts from my mom, and over 1,000 photos. So yeah, when I said in my last post that it'd be a while before I edit and post photos in about two months, I wasn't joking. xD;;

I'm still jet lagged. I've been that way since we landed in Korea. I didn't get a lot of sleep because we went somewhere everyday and/or stayed up late for various reasons.

A Man Is A Man

As I read different forums and online discussions about AMBW I can’t help but wonder if many of the Black women who profess there undying infatuation for Asian men have ever interacted with one in real life. I get the impression that many of the ladies haven’t a clue about Asian men beyond their interest for martial arts films and K-Pop. Don’t get me wrong I understand that our interest have to start somewhere (I have no problem admitting that Bruce Lee was probably what peeked my interest in Asian men or that Dante Basco was probably my first Asian crush).

Just Saying Hi & Interacting w/ My Community

Hey, Guys. I just wanted to drop by and say hi and keep in touch. Lots of things are going on here. I started my new blog talk show called "Fitness Odyssey in the Mornings w/ Gerri B" so I'm excited about that. I started my own Blasian group site for those in Kentucky and the bordering states. I'm still working on that. Forelone, I don't know how you do it LOL! I do have one little pet peeve though. We don't interact on here that often. I belong to a self-help group called

New to the site

Hey everybody,
I'm new to Blasianton & glad that I've found it! I didn't think there was another site out there which connected Blacks & Asians. Just like my group:
in which we try to encourage more Asian Male and Black Women relationships, you're on the same page as us! Well I hope to make new friends here and help to grow a new & upcoming culture of Blasians!

So excited~!

In a week, I'll be on a plane heading out to South Korea with my sister and one of my best friends! It will be my first time back since September of '93, but even more importantly, I'll see my mom for the first time in about ten years. My sister and I will get to meet our step-father as well, which I'm kind of nervous about while still excited. I'll be taking A LOT of pictures for sure... which means they'll be edited and posted in like... two months. xD;;

Anyway, just felt like making a new entry. :3