Longing for a Real House to call my own

For the longest time we have been wanting to buy our own home. Even in pre-depression economy, the prices of real estate aren't getting any cheaper; doesn't help if we are living in NYC. To buy a half decent apartment today would cost about 350K for a two bedroom and 500K for a three bedroom. To be honest, my house-hold income is only about 10% of what I would like to afford for a comparable house, within a decent neighborhood.

The Seeds of Life: building a better tomorrow

Several years ago we started planting seeds here and there; there were so many different types of seeds to plant, it was literally limitless.

My wife has always been a master at this; but for me, it took quite some learning on my part. Today, I do this without hesitation; it has become a part of my daily life style. I can truly say that I eat, sleep, and dream about planting seeds. I have to admit, I have gotten so much more out of life since I started on this journey. I sincerely hope that everyone would join me in planting some seeds today.

Valentine's Day

As I'm sure people, commercials, and various other advertisements have been all up in your face about it, V-day is, like, right over there. *points*

Now, I'm not one to get excited about this day, but I'm sure at least a few of you are all about it. This blog post is for you guys to share your V-day stories, past or present (assuming you discuss this year's V-day), good or bad. What do you like/dislike about V-day? What is your favorite V-day memory? And so on.

Family Trip to Mobile AL

Recently my Grandma-inlaw passed away and we had to make a short trip to Mobile, AL for her funeral. That was the bad news... The good news is that we got to meet with some of our cousins who are around the same ages as us. While in AL, we were shown around; we even had a chance to visit the local mall, and some site seeing. I swear, the locals can tell a NY'r a mile away, we were the only ones wearing coats...

Happy Chinese New Year! (Lunar New Years)

Today we took our daughter out to celebrate her first Chinese New Year in Chinatown. The day started out hectic, many late comings and droppers; but the day ended better than expected. Nothing says Happy Chinese New Years than with close family and friends celebrating it with you.

Our Restaurant of choice, GOLDEN UNICORN; good food and better company, you can not ask for anything more. I hope next year we can set up something similar for our Blasianton members living in and around NYC. Anyone interested?

What Do Asian Men Want?

I’ve been reading the blogs here and have observed many things. In my opinion I do my best in just about everything I do. Many of them I have been quite successful in. The one thing that seems to elude me is a successful relationship with a Chinese man. Now I’ve read what Japanese Major has said about being considered “damaged goods” if you have children. Then I should be considered destroyed having five daughters LOL! I’ve read the success story of our founder as well. I’ve read blogs about how Asian men tend to stick to themselves instead of venturing out.

What "The King" aka MLK did for me

Although I have never met Martin Luther King Jr. in person, I know of the sacrifices he made for us to have civil rights. Back then if you were not white, you were are colored. Now many people who wasn't black would try to challenge that but would fail and got put in their place.

Remember Lum Vs. Rice


Music and Me

♫♪We've been together for such a long time now; Music and Me~♪♫ - Michael Jackson

I'm so used to these forum sites already having a place for media discussion that this is kind of weird to make this a blog entry. :P But I just want to talk about music - what I like, my experience with it, etc. I encourage discussion, of course. :3

I feel that I can honestly say that music is my drug, my addiction. I had to go without my MP3 player once, just for a few hours, and it drove me *crazy*.

Music and me

Personal Thought #2

If you meet someone and find out they have a kid, it is not your place to tell that person that no one will date them and that they've 'lost value' because of it. I was told this by a member. I was too shocked by his words to tell him,

"How dare you tell me that?! You're entitled to your own opinion, but your opinion does not reflect the whole Asian race or any other people! What you told me was rude and I'd like to think you were brought up better... And you wonder why you're not having much luck with African-American women."

New to the Website

Hello everyone my name Takara I'm newbie here and I'm excited to apart of this site. Also I enjoy meeting new people!!:)