Negative Black / Asian News

Although I wished that all news can be positive and up-lifting, I am very disappointed in hearing about "Black/Asian Tension" type incidents.

Happy New Year!

May 2011 be a happy and successful year for you!

Asian Guys, I know where you are!

Hi Ladies, this is your lucky day. Today, on Blasianton, I will reveal where most Asian guys are more likely to hang out. Sure you can look for your typical Asian guy in your school, work place, or recreation area; but the secret is MMORPG -- Massive Multiple Online Role Playing Game.

All you have to do is some research on GOOGLE for "top ten MMORPG". This should bring up the top list for the country that you are living in. In the USA, the list should look similar to the one below.

The order of popularity doesn't matter that much. What matter is what interest you.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Although a cold is developing inside of me at this very moment, I am glad that I was able to spend this Christmas season with family and friends. I wish everyone good health and have a joyous Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Just wishing everyone a joyous day of celebration.

New and Old Family Traditions

As you all might know, my wife and I come from two very different cultures; we both have different holiday traditions. However, this holiday season, we are starting something new.

Farewell 2010

I will definitely miss this year the most. So many positive things has happen, especially during the final quarter. I am optimistic for the new year. I can't for it to start. New job and new plans for another blasian baby. =0) This blasian will be a dragon just like his/her daddy, meaning me. I can not wait to see you when you are finally born. That day will be the 3rd most joyous day of my life; first one being my wedding day, and second being my first born.

What a sad story this is

When I saw this video, it really hit home for me. I can't help but to think of my little girl. I hope she would never have to experience racism like this anywhere during her life time. This is one of the reason why I do not go back to or go on vacation in China; when there is a tight nitch of any one group of people in one area, those people tend to be very close-minded.

Life is too long

Some people might say life is too short... which often at time might be true to a certain degree. But I like to say the glass is half empty and not full.