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Securing My Good Fortune For 2012

Chinese Fortune Gods

Happy One Year Anniversary Blasianton!


Happy One Year Anniversary Blasianton!

Autumn Festival fit for a Blasian Princess


This year we decided to celebrate autumn with a little party.

What is being black?

What is being black?

New Jim Crow - Jim Crow 2.0

Everyone's A Critic!

Challenges of An Interracial Relationship

A Guest Post by KalleyC from BlogginWhileNursing

Everyone has a soulmate!

Difficult Old Men

Is it true that when men grow older they get more difficult? Better question, will I become one myself as I grow older in time? I really hope for my family's sake I do not...

World domination with in one generation!

I have a plan to take over the world with in one generation. Would you like to hear about my master plan?

What does real black women want from men?

A while back ago I blogged about the wants of a real man