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Stressed Out Americans

While commuting to work, I noticed that a lot of people have stress written all over their faces. Now keep in mind that these are just the handleful of people that was able to keep their jobs. Those unfortunate others have a whole differrent boat load of stress that I could not begin to understand.

The BIG American Spender!

We as Americans just don't know when to quit. We are raise to think that BIGGER is better, from fast food to gas guzzlers, no wonder we Americans are know as "The Big Fat Americans".

When our school system fails who is to blame?

When you Google "school system fails", you will find a variety of news and stories about how our school are failing our children. I can not speak for other countries, but who is really to blame?

The truth behind real men

I am a real man. I am strong on the inside but soft on the outside. Muscles are maintained and not added. If I was single, I would be looking for a woman that would gladly be my number two. I am selfish, I am a man, I want it all, I want to be number one! So support me and my dreams, and then you can have yours... a family to call your own and baring a couple of kiddies along the way.

look momma it's Kai-lan!

Have anyone watched the kid's show kai-lan on nick? Kind of like the Chinese version of Dora The Explorer. We happen to own all the seasons up to now. We have others as well. That's right, we are trying to corner the market and cut out the commercials.

A Blasian Represents China in 2012 VolleyBall Olympics

First of all, I have to say WOW! Props to China for making a bold move in showing to the world that they are not totally racist. This is just a matter of time for the people of China to get use to seeing other then yellow skin people with in the walls of China.

multilingual or not multilingual, that is the question

There comes a time when parents of a mutli-cultured baby will ask them selves, should I teach my baby both languages and cultures?

Before we came to an answer, we first weighed the usual pros and cons.

Should we teach her English and Cantonese-Chinese?

Mobile At Last!

Our family is finally mobile with a Honda Fit! The journey to being mobile is a long story.

First Choice, Honda Odyssey... roomy and spacious with a price tag to match! This was our first choice because we plan on having a big family. The extra room and comfort that this minivan has to offer is unmatched.

Longing for a Real House to call my own

For the longest time we have been wanting to buy our own home. Even in pre-depression economy, the prices of real estate aren't getting any cheaper; doesn't help if we are living in NYC. To buy a half decent apartment today would cost about 350K for a two bedroom and 500K for a three bedroom. To be honest, my house-hold income is only about 10% of what I would like to afford for a comparable house, within a decent neighborhood.

The Seeds of Life: building a better tomorrow

Several years ago we started planting seeds here and there; there were so many different types of seeds to plant, it was literally limitless.

My wife has always been a master at this; but for me, it took quite some learning on my part. Today, I do this without hesitation; it has become a part of my daily life style. I can truly say that I eat, sleep, and dream about planting seeds. I have to admit, I have gotten so much more out of life since I started on this journey. I sincerely hope that everyone would join me in planting some seeds today.