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Life is too long

Some people might say life is too short... which often at time might be true to a certain degree. But I like to say the glass is half empty and not full.

One of the best pre-launch presents a community can ask for

Hi Community Members!

Tomorrow marks a new beginning for our Blasian Community. In light of our pre-launch tomorrow, I have been notified that we are now ranked in the top 5 for Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing for the search term "Blasian Community".

I know this was a community group effort; so I am thanking everyone for their hard work and support. We could never have obtain pageOne ranking if it weren't for you, our community members.

Please keep up the good work everyone.

A tribute to "Romeo Must Die"

Although Black men with Asian women were always viewed as more acceptable then Asian men with Black women, "Romeo Must Die" changed all that. Even though they never kissed in the movie, here you have a beautiful black women, Aaliyah, and a handsome older Asian man, Jet Li. Together on the silver screen, those two had chemistry.

After seeing the movie, you can not help but to think, yes it is possible for a Black women to be with an Asian man. In my opinion, "Romeo must die", opened the doors for Black women and Asian men love and relationships to the fore-fronts of public media.

Thanks Giving of 2010 things to be thankful for

This year there are so many things for me to be and give thanks for.
1) My Lovely Wife
2) My Blasian First Born
3) My Family and Friends
5) All Our Combined Health
6) My Growing Business & Business Ideas (FB: Metasoph, URL:
7) My Blasian Community Website (FB: Blasianton, URL:
8) All the great people I have met and befriended while creating the Blasianton Community.
9) A Great Job and Co-Workers