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Summer Plans?

Felt like making a new post due to the dead air floating about here, and since it's so humid right now, figured a Summer post was in order.

Anyone have any (big or small) plans for the Summer? Travel, spending time with friends and/or family, relaxing, nothing?

Korea Photos

I have FINALLY finished converting and editing my photos.
I uploaded most of them onto a private Photobucket album: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v33/namek_angel_ivy/Korea/

I removed the password option to view it, making it completely private. If you haven't seen them yet, just let me know.

Back from Korea

I've been back since Sunday night, actually.

I returned with various souvenirs for friends, gifts from my mom, and over 1,000 photos. So yeah, when I said in my last post that it'd be a while before I edit and post photos in about two months, I wasn't joking. xD;;

I'm still jet lagged. I've been that way since we landed in Korea. I didn't get a lot of sleep because we went somewhere everyday and/or stayed up late for various reasons.

So excited~!

In a week, I'll be on a plane heading out to South Korea with my sister and one of my best friends! It will be my first time back since September of '93, but even more importantly, I'll see my mom for the first time in about ten years. My sister and I will get to meet our step-father as well, which I'm kind of nervous about while still excited. I'll be taking A LOT of pictures for sure... which means they'll be edited and posted in like... two months. xD;;

Anyway, just felt like making a new entry. :3

Valentine's Day

As I'm sure people, commercials, and various other advertisements have been all up in your face about it, V-day is, like, right over there. *points*

Now, I'm not one to get excited about this day, but I'm sure at least a few of you are all about it. This blog post is for you guys to share your V-day stories, past or present (assuming you discuss this year's V-day), good or bad. What do you like/dislike about V-day? What is your favorite V-day memory? And so on.

Music and Me

♫♪We've been together for such a long time now; Music and Me~♪♫ - Michael Jackson

I'm so used to these forum sites already having a place for media discussion that this is kind of weird to make this a blog entry. :P But I just want to talk about music - what I like, my experience with it, etc. I encourage discussion, of course. :3

I feel that I can honestly say that music is my drug, my addiction. I had to go without my MP3 player once, just for a few hours, and it drove me *crazy*.

Music and me