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New Meetup Events System: We have added this to promote more face to face interaction amongst community members. All you have to do is create an Event, and then it will be available in the Events Calendar.

Sharing Knowledge

One of the challenges of being in an interracial relationship, is knowing the differences between each culture, and recognizing the similarities.

When I first met my husband, we were worlds apart; I was learning in detail the full extent of my history, while he on the other hand was just learning what interest him. That's okay.

Stumbled onto this community...

Greetings everyone! My name is Melissa and I just stumbled onto this community today. I am happy to see websites like this and I can't wait to start talking to you all. ^^
I am currently living in South Korea but I'm from Arizona and North Carolina. Anyone else from those places?
Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Feel free to hit up my profile!

Happy One Year Anniversary Blasianton!


Happy One Year Anniversary Blasianton!

Autumn Festival fit for a Blasian Princess


This year we decided to celebrate autumn with a little party.

What is being black?

What is being black?

New Jim Crow - Jim Crow 2.0

The New Kid

Hey everyone. I'm new to this site. I was looking for more info about blasian relationships as well as being able to help understand myself alittle better. I like meeting new people. I'm so glad that I found a site like this. ^_^