Everyone's A Critic!

Challenges of An Interracial Relationship

A Guest Post by KalleyC from BlogginWhileNursing

Difficult Old Men

Is it true that when men grow older they get more difficult? Better question, will I become one myself as I grow older in time? I really hope for my family's sake I do not...

World domination with in one generation!

I have a plan to take over the world with in one generation. Would you like to hear about my master plan?

What does real black women want from men?

A while back ago I blogged about the wants of a real man http://www.blasianton.com/node/118

Stressed Out Americans

While commuting to work, I noticed that a lot of people have stress written all over their faces. Now keep in mind that these are just the handleful of people that was able to keep their jobs. Those unfortunate others have a whole differrent boat load of stress that I could not begin to understand.

The BIG American Spender!

We as Americans just don't know when to quit. We are raise to think that BIGGER is better, from fast food to gas guzzlers, no wonder we Americans are know as "The Big Fat Americans".

Summer Plans?

Felt like making a new post due to the dead air floating about here, and since it's so humid right now, figured a Summer post was in order.

Anyone have any (big or small) plans for the Summer? Travel, spending time with friends and/or family, relaxing, nothing?

When our school system fails who is to blame?

When you Google "school system fails", you will find a variety of news and stories about how our school are failing our children. I can not speak for other countries, but who is really to blame?