Hi everyone Asummermoon here, (took me long enough to come on here) just wanted to show support, hope everyone is well.I'm looking forward to the interesting things I will learn here and I hope to be able to give some well thought out insight as well.

Good or Bad Parenting

Recently there has been several parenting styles that has come to light.

No, I am not just referring to the tiger mom of all Chinese mothers. I am more interested in discussing your average middle-class parents. There has been several cases in Asian and Black families where a parent is too over protective, even to the point where they are dictating to their grow-up child of 18+++ that they can not do this or that. Case in point, thes issue of who to date.

What Do Asian Men Want?

I’ve been reading the blogs here and have observed many things. In my opinion I do my best in just about everything I do. Many of them I have been quite successful in. The one thing that seems to elude me is a successful relationship with a Chinese man. Now I’ve read what Japanese Major has said about being considered “damaged goods” if you have children. Then I should be considered destroyed having five daughters LOL! I’ve read the success story of our founder as well. I’ve read blogs about how Asian men tend to stick to themselves instead of venturing out.

starting with friendship

Why is it so hard to befriend Asian guys in Cleveland.They are here sprinkled around.I guess when I start school in the summer I'll see.Well If you know the answer let me know,I would appreciate it.

What "The King" aka MLK did for me

Although I have never met Martin Luther King Jr. in person, I know of the sacrifices he made for us to have civil rights. Back then if you were not white, you were are colored. Now many people who wasn't black would try to challenge that but would fail and got put in their place.

Remember Lum Vs. Rice


Music and Me

♫♪We've been together for such a long time now; Music and Me~♪♫ - Michael Jackson

I'm so used to these forum sites already having a place for media discussion that this is kind of weird to make this a blog entry. :P But I just want to talk about music - what I like, my experience with it, etc. I encourage discussion, of course. :3

I feel that I can honestly say that music is my drug, my addiction. I had to go without my MP3 player once, just for a few hours, and it drove me *crazy*.

Music and me

Self Proclaimed First Success Story of Blasianton

I am not sure if my story is really the first success story of Blasianton, but since no one else is claiming that title, lol I will.

I was raised in Chinatown, NY; my wife was raised in Coney Island, NY. We are six years apart! Some might say that I am robbing the cradle. lol maybe I was, but I am so happy that I did. I am a computer major, she is an afro-hist major. lol yes we are total opposites. How did we meet you might want to ask?

This is our success story, and here it goes...

Personal Thought #2

If you meet someone and find out they have a kid, it is not your place to tell that person that no one will date them and that they've 'lost value' because of it. I was told this by a blasianton.com member. I was too shocked by his words to tell him,

"How dare you tell me that?! You're entitled to your own opinion, but your opinion does not reflect the whole Asian race or any other people! What you told me was rude and I'd like to think you were brought up better... And you wonder why you're not having much luck with African-American women."

Choose a side?

I learned about and understood my ethnic identity at a very young age, and I always saw myself as black AND Korean. I wasn't given the "option" of choosing until I moved to Chicago at age 7. Having been raised as an Army brat, an environment where I met many kids like me - ethnically mixed, it was a bit of a culture shock to move from that life in Korea to a predominantly black community.

Hello, Hello~

I'm Vicky. You can call me that or Ivy, doesn't really matter.
Just wanted to say hello; give my brief introduction. So... hi~! :D