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I love M.I.A.

She is a true artist. I especially like her because she didn't have to pose nude to sell her albums. I've purchased 'MAYA' About 2 months ago. MAYA went in a totally different direction than her previous albums - This album is hard hitting. Hands down Awesome! I advise listeners to not look for bridges to the previous albums. Just go in head first as an independent piece. You'll appreciate it more.

1-The Message - This track connects the dots of mobile devices, social networks and all other technologies of the internet and under the Google umbrella which is connected to the government, while in the back ground, MIA says "don't listen to the media. don't listen to the gov't"

2-Steppin Up - I love this track!!! She's just bragging that she's still the baddest MC on the scene. And she is (^_^)

3- XXXO - This is the first of the 'double-speak' series. I say this because she will say something phonetically like XXXO. Listen to the lyrics and the track could be taken as a statement about the music industry trying to change her image into a brand of sorts which includes being someone she isn't. Or you can change 'XXXO' into Ex sex-sex Oh, which turns into a track that talks about Ex Sex (having no strings sex with your ex). Then the lyrics sounds like a woman who loves Ex Sex and adds XXXO for emphasis of her love for it, but has issues with the Ex wanting her to fall back in love and back into the relationship.

4- Tequila- A very fun drinking track where she takes every bottle behind the bar and gives it personality. Oh yeah. Weed is involved. Of Course.

5- Lovealot - This is another 'double-speak' track. In the chorus, she says 'I really love alot. I really love alot. But I fight the ones that fight me.' Now, If you change what she says to 'I really love allah' and shift the track in that direction, she's making a political statement regarding people who fight in the name of Allah. Or you can change what she says to 'I really love a law, but I fight the ones that fight me' and shift the track to that direction as a woman, or the citizen of any country where the law infringes on their personal liberties. Or you can stick with the original 'I really love a lot' and it's a track about someone who is loving and is always giving, but will not let anyone take her kindness for weakness. Either way brings to light brilliant perspectives.

6- Story to be told - This is MIA giving her perspective about different issues that touches her personally that no one pays attention to. She reached out to people but no one is really listens nor read between the lines of what she has to say when she really wants to say it. She also mentioned that she 'never took back that joint (she) rolled'. The story behind that is that Missy Elliot and Timberland took one of her tracks and claimed it as theirs. This is mentioned in one of her interviews on youtube. You can find it when you google it.

7- It takes a muscle- This is a track that states it quite clearly that 'it takes a muscle to fall in love' or to love in general. May it be opening yourself up to fall in love, being open to a trusting friendship, or even loving yourself because you can be your own overly critical, self-hating enemy sometimes and you have to fight yourself out of that mindset. It 'takes a muscle' because of the fact that you have to deal with the Ego, fear, defenses, skeletons, inner demons, your step mom, any one and anything that could discourage and defeat you. Even though you have needs to be met, wounds that needs to be healed or you just need the presence of someone, it takes a lot to trust in yourself to be fearless in love.

8- It iz what it iz - I like this track because it's regarding a 'Ces't La Vie' attitude. It's about going with the flow and being accepting with what may come in life. It's also about her feeling luke warm in a relationship and accepting the break-up that's on the horizon.

9- Born Free - MIA is a free spirit who does not follow crowds, is not hypnotized by the media and does not follow group-thought. She's born free and has free will and she is her own boss. No one has authority over her. Make this your anthem and live your life as you see fit, but without infringing on anyone else's happiness. The video to this track stirred so much controversy. Just google it and get your own perspective.

10- Meds and Feds - Love this track because it has a hard electro-punk sound. She is outside of the medicated media-hyped state that most people are hypnotized into. MIA is saying that she gives a damn about what is going on around her and that she will no longer be hypnotized by the "digital-ruckus"

11- Tell me why - Is a track commenting on the many changes happening around us, like ever improving technology, luxuries and fashion, however we have not made any exponential changes on how we view and treat each other as a people, as a society, as a community and as one tribal family.

12- Space - I love this track because it sounds like the transition from sobriety, to the thin line between sobriety & intoxication, to intoxication and then back to sobriety. Or it's about going from arousal, to orgasm and then to the post orgasmic state of relaxation. Its a very surreal and relaxing track.

13- Internet Connection - This is a fun track about internet addiction to the point where you lose sense of reality and you, yourself, become a product of your internet addiction. It doesn't say in the credits or the liner notes for this album, but I seriously believe that she collaborated with Reggie Watts on this track. He's awesome. Check his track 'Binary Existence':

14- Illygirl - This track is about a bad-ass chick and her entourage.

15- Believer - This is a beautiful track. It's about believing in yourself, especially through hard times. Believe in your dreams, your existence and doing what you believe in. Especially when your passion goes against the grain of what's popular and acceptable.

16- Caps Lock - This track is my lullaby because of the melody. I think this is MIA reflecting on life while drunk one quiet night while working on tracks'. Caps Lock was used back in the day to amplify any statement made, may it be anger or excitement. In this track, MIA reiterated a reference made by Reggie Watts in his track Binary Existence, where he states what MIA translates to 'my left side is my right side. If it's vice or versa I'm still the same side'. Reggie basically states that everyone feels that they need a binary existence in order to handle their life, when in actuality, even though you function as a binary existence you are still the same divine person you've always been. MIA wears many hats as an artist/entertainer/wife/mom/human/friend/etc. All of which is MIA.

Thanks for reading. I hope you buy the album.

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