The truth behind real men

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I am a real man. I am strong on the inside but soft on the outside. Muscles are maintained and not added. If I was single, I would be looking for a woman that would gladly be my number two. I am selfish, I am a man, I want it all, I want to be number one! So support me and my dreams, and then you can have yours... a family to call your own and baring a couple of kiddies along the way.

The above is what describes me. I am one of many real men out there. I am not a movie star, nor am I a godly singer. I am just a regular guy trying to survive and making it in this world. I love kids, and I love my own even more. I want to provide for my family and all the joys they have to bring me. I work hard outside of the home, and you my number two will work hard inside of the house to make it a home. See how selfish I am. There are more I's than You's.

Let me bring home the bacon, and I share provide for you and our offsprings. Together we will conquer the world... maybe not the world but just curve out a comfortable path until retirement; and NO, retirement is not the end! We got "BUSHED"! No matter what it takes, how hard life outside of the home will get, at least I can come home to you, and the kids. I don't have any worries nor regrets. You make it possible for me to be fearless out there.

Believe in the both parent work rule, one work for money and the other work for our family. Who has the tougher job? It sure isn't mine. Men have it easy. Men's work is over at five. Women's work is never done. Our kids are our future. The more we invest in our kids, the better our future will be. We as a community must bring our blasian kids up the right way with love and care. No kids of ours will be allowed to run a muck. Dysfunctional lives nurtures a dysfunctional mind. Please do not let our blasian generation become problems to our society.

Blasians are the next great hope. They have all the positive stereotypes and little of the negatives. They will be strong minded and strong bodied; excel in math and science, and can also be physically fit and strong. That's right, Blasians are SUPER humans. They can do anything they put their heart and soul in. Let's raise them right, with sound mind and sound body, they will be unstoppable.

Watch out for them "crabs in a barrow".

By the way, this arrangement might not work for everyone, but it works for us because we are old fashioned.

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