When our school system fails who is to blame?

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When you Google "school system fails", you will find a variety of news and stories about how our school are failing our children. I can not speak for other countries, but who is really to blame?

Coming from both a teacher's and now a parent's perspective, I can now undoubtedly say it starts in the home. We as parents must teach our children the basic knowledge of how to behave in life. As a teacher, it was very difficult to teach a class when children are in need of basic discipline; today's schools have become more like daycare centers where parent(s) drop off there kids to stay a float. I personally do not think that promotes a healthy environment for our children; this just creates a vicious cycle of parentless parenting. Our children needs guidance from us 24/7. We must live for our children whenever possible.

Once I have became a parent, I truly understand what "I live for my family" really means. To enable us to live a little better, I took a calculated risk of taking a new job this year. I currently travel over two hours each way to commute from and to work. Thank goodness it is paying off.

Our children are going to have one dedicated parent breathing on them 24/7. We will work together to make sure that our school system does not fail our kids. We have talked about her heading the PTA, and me climbing the financial ladder of success. Together we will bring up and raise this family until maturity. Tiger mom who? My wife is a black women, and she demand more than A's in every subject. We are raising Blasians! There can be no mistake. Our kids may even run for higher office one day. There I say it, The Presidency.

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I've Homeschooled my children at various points because I didn't like the way the school system is. My 15 year old asked to be Homeschooled and that's cool with me. We as parents sometimes just need to take the bull by the horns and do it ourselves.

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I am not sure how you pull it off. You must be a super mommy.

My wife and I are barely making it. Everything seems so inflated where we are. We are getting triple taxed! I can understand how some parent(s) can get overwhelmed and lose site of the bigger picture, their kids.

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Sometimes I look back on my life and wonder how things got done. Now being a single parent of my daughters isn't always easy. It isn't but it's doable. My faith in God has helped me when I had no place else to go or didn't know where to turn to next. I pray, listen, and then do what I have to do. I have my eyes on a bigger prize. I made a "Vision Board" from a fellow Life Coach. It's a collage of all the things I wanted in my life. Then I ask the question if I was doing something to help me get closer to my goals. So each day, I pray and then I work on something that's on my board. For example, my own personal fitness odyssey. I conquered quite a bit. Now I'm working to open my online store. What did I do? I had to contact suppliers in China which was something I had never done. Even being nervous I still did it. The moral of this story is that everything in my Vision Board will affect my kids for the better. I want to have my ideal life and I want them to as well. But I don't just want. I WILL HAVE these things. That's my attitude even if it sometimes gets hard or even if it doesn't seem like my work is doing anything. Believe you can do it and you will. Have courage, have hope, have faith. Have a vision and you will soon get it.