The BIG American Spender!

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We as Americans just don't know when to quit. We are raise to think that BIGGER is better, from fast food to gas guzzlers, no wonder we Americans are know as "The Big Fat Americans".

For fast food, we have McDonalds/Burger King type restaurants, where a couple of more coins will get you a dramatic bang for your buck! Super Size Me ... NO PLEASE. Before my wife and I got married, we omitted fast food from our diet. Neither of us have touch fast food for about ten years. What about Subway? They are not so innocent at all. They might let you think that they care about you as a customer, but do they really? For an extra buck and change, you can get double the size or double the meat. I know, I still fall for that one from time to time. I mean how can a hero sandwich be bad for you? It is somewhat balanced if you eat a six inch sub with out condiments, but once when you do add them, then is all down hill from there...

For gas guzzlers, as I mentioned in an earlier post, we brought a HONDA FIT recently, small and compact... just perfect for us. Not sure if this happens to everyone, but after you own a car, you start to notice cars differently. Cars are getting BIGGER every year. The HONDA PILOT and ODYSSEY has gotten an upgrade in size from 2009 to 2011. At the current size of both these models, they can rival a medium size RV. Now who really need that much car when you are driving them in the city????

It is not enough that we over eat and purchase oversize toys, as Americans, we also like to over spend on things that we do not need. Can you believe that some families/people who go as far to "donate" blood to be able to afford to buy what they want? Some of us would run up our credit cards to get things now and not doing it the old fashioned way by saving up for it.

I have always found this to be useful. I ask myself the following:

1) Do I want it?
2) Do I need it?
3) Will this make me money?

(I borrowed it from wife swapping show on TV)

If it does not answer all three, then you do not need to have it. Good Luck and Be Strong!

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I've also noticed about Americans, too. They are lazy. It's harsh but it's true. We'll get fast food because we're too lazy to cook good, clean foods. In "clean" I mean whole, unprocessed foods. I have been guilty of this myself in the past. I still get tempted. The funny thing I find now is whenever I talk about a healthy lifestyle and exercise, I hear crickets in the room or people (in my own circle) walk away from me. I don't think people WANT to think in terms of this. Like I said, Americans want things right then and there. They want the fit bodies they can be proud of on the beaches but don't want to do the work. They want to take a pill and the latest gadget on the infomercial they saw last night to do the job. That won't cut it. I know. I've tried them before I started my new lifestyle of health and fitness. I think it is time we rethink what we've been taught. This economy will sort of help us to look at those three things in a different light. Thank you for sharing that!