Stressed Out Americans

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While commuting to work, I noticed that a lot of people have stress written all over their faces. Now keep in mind that these are just the handleful of people that was able to keep their jobs. Those unfortunate others have a whole differrent boat load of stress that I could not begin to understand.

Before this dawned on me, I was stress out over the littlest things. What bothers me is mainly finances. Lol I always want more and when I get more it never seem to be enough. Does that sound crazy to anyone? Here is how I over came my fears and worries. I learned that if I can imagine the worst possible scenario for what worries me than maybe I can think of ways to counter act it, or just to lessen the damage, if any. After I think it through, most of the time, it is usually not as bad as I initially thought.

I mean stressing yourself out is really not worth it. Stress can cause sickness and pain that you can not begin to imagine. For a period of three weeks I developed a twitching eye. It wasn't noticeable to other people, but I felt it every time it twitched. Fortunate for me, since I learned to relieve my stress, the twitching have significantly decease, if at all.

This is a lessoned learned for me. There are far more stressful things in the world, and I have not experienced them yet. Why would anyone choose to be stressed over daily trivial events. That does not make much sense now does it?

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