Difficult Old Men

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Is it true that when men grow older they get more difficult? Better question, will I become one myself as I grow older in time? I really hope for my family's sake I do not...

All through out my childhood I have witnessed a difficult male parental unit, my father. I truly believe he did what he possibly could, but it was my mother who really came through the majority of the time. However, I do have to admit, I am who I am today, I owe that to both of my parents. I know how bad it could be, and know what not to do. In fact, I just simply do the opposite.

During my childhood, both my parents worked hard to keep my family a float; we were a lower class income family. All through my childhood I often wondered what it would be like if my family owned a house, or a Chinese restaurant, or a laundramat; all the other Chinese kids I knew seem to have one or two of those.

Now that I am in charge of my own finances with my own family to take care of, I now know that obtaining a house, or a business is not an easy task. For the people and families that were able to obtains those, they must have scarified blood and sweat. What about their children?

For me and my own family, we try now to sacrifice anyone or anything. Even though we are working with only one income, we are sustained securely in middle class. Although my dream of owning a house and a bricks and mortar business is further away, my eye is still alway focused on the prize.

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