Challenges of An Interracial Relationship

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A Guest Post by KalleyC from BlogginWhileNursing

When a relationship of two people of the same background doesn't work out, we could say that it was differences of opinion, or things weren't going well. But when an interracial relationship doesn't workout it's never really for the same reasons.

Are you both strong enough?

It's one thing to be attracted to the other person, but is it only skin deep? One of the challenges that interracial couples have is always being on display.

At first it may seem cute, "Let's put our attraction out there." But how fun is it when you're always facing it? When you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are always stopping crowds? Always getting listening into because people are interested in what you're saying.

You need to ask yourself are you and your other, strong enough to handle the pressure. After all, you may be an inspiration to others or confirmation why people should "stick to their own."

Are You A Good Teacher?

Another thing that I noticed is that family will be your biggest rivals (if they are not on board). The most stupidest thing you hear a person to say will most likely come from your own family.

I've heard it all from my family when I was dating my husband, not because he was a bad person, it was only because he was different. Things worked out because we saw that our families couldn't see the good that we saw in each other, and it was our responsibility to not only help them understand, but to gradually understand.

Any relationship is hard work; it's even harder when both people are good people but from different backgrounds. Will you and you boyfriend/girlfriend be understanding enough to take on that challenge? Or will you deem it too much work?

Can you become A Living Example?

As black women, we already have negative stereotypes against us. We all know what they are: loud, angry, ghetto, argumentative. The list goes on and on. Are you willing to dig deep inside you to fight these stereotypes in your relationships?

A lot of people from different backgrounds rule out black women for potential soul-mates because of how we are portrayed.

Just like we know not to believe everything you hear in the news to be true, same goes for our stereotypes. We have to work hard to dispel them regardless if we are in a relationship or not.

Working Together

Black women and Asian men: it's not just up to one person in the relationship to do the heavy lifting, both parties must stand up for their other person when they are being disrespected.

Being in an interracial relationship takes a lot of work, but to me, the rewards out weight the challenges. Only question left is--are you up for the challenge?

A Guest Post by KalleyC from BlogginWhileNursing

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