Everyone's A Critic!

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If you are currently not involved in an "Interracial Relationship", but is seriously considering the possibility of one, then this is for you. First you have to ask your self, are you ready to be criticized by perfect strangers and family members alike? These types of relationships are not for your everyday man or woman. To be in this kind of a relationship you have to be strong, and see it through. Although the final outcome, marriage and blasian babies, are well worth it, it might be more than what your normal person can take.

Why can't people just mind their business! If I can understand every single person, I would be a rich millionaire; but here are some reason why people "BUTT" in:

For Black Men, usually shouts out "You Traitor" - The reason for this, these men hate on black women for their own selfish reasons.

For Black Girls, usually shouts out "You Traitor" - The reason for this, they do not know any better.

For Old Chinese Men and Women, usually just stare at you like you are some kind of circus freak.

What are the remedy for all this? Be strong and not let them get to you. For a word hate remedy, hold your head up high whenever you are together. For a stare remedy, stare them down with confidence and make them feel like they are circus freaks.

Case in point, on two memorable occasions:

Coney Island, NY - A black teenaged girl yell down from one of the project buildings, "You Traitor".

Chinatown, NY - A bus load of black male inmates ready to be shipped to jailed yelled out, "You Traitor".

Anywhere in NYC - Older Chinese men and or women would stare coming towards us and still stare after passing us... and still stare after I stopped and stared back at them; talk about "thick skin".

These are just the minor offenses. There are other more physical ones that I don't want to relive. Hey, no one said being different (trend setters) is easy. I believe that where ever there is a dense population of any one type of people, there will be conflict or people who hate on other people that are different from them; simply put, "Crabs In A Barrow".

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