What is being black?

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What is being black?

New Jim Crow - Jim Crow 2.0

Recently I have asked some of my members a very opened ended question on what is being black. Over the course of several days, I have received some very colorful answers with some a little over the top; but all and all, most of the answers I have received were along the same lines of my own personal definition of being black. However, I really should have emphasized more on being black in America. That was what I really wanted to focus my question on.

Here is how I personally define being black in America. I define black as being a second class citizen in the country that you were born in; I defined black as always having a glass ceiling over your head, making it very hard for you to reach your dreams and aspirations; I define black as always being over looked for a job or a promotion because someone, who is not black, is always more experienced than you; I define black as being always defined by the color of your skin and not the place where you were born. I define black as simply having "colored" skin. Does this described you?

Nowadays, It seems that the only way to get ahead in a non colored world is to lose your own identity. Hence, the more colorless you are, the more of a chance you will get. Personally, I am not comfortable being in someone else's skin. Now don't get me wrong, I do believe in earning a hard day's pay for a hard day's work! I just don't feel like being someone or something I am not.

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