Securing My Good Fortune For 2012

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Chinese Fortune Gods

All I know is this, my year is coming up soon, the year of the dragon, and I must make sure the fortune gods smiles on me. This took me many months to plan and hundreds of dollars were sacrificed to ensure that this would be flawlessly executed! What is my motivation you ask? Why all this preparation you say? Am I a crazy Chinese man for spending all that money just for a glimmer of a chance that the fortune gods will smile my way?


My motivation was simple, my family and their well being. The preparation was long and tedious; I brought a lot of red envelopes and saved up for the big day. Truth be told, many people reuse red envelopes and or get them for free from businesses or banks. I personally think reusing red envelopes from the prior year is a sin, especially when they do not have the current year's lunar sign. Why all that cash? Lol it's Chinese New Year!


Here is a little tidbit. Chinese people give out cash on the start of the new year to bring good fortune to themselves and their family for the rest of the new year; the red envelopes are added good luck because the color red is believed to be good luck. Therefore giving cash in red envelope to people, usually family and friends, will bring them good luck and yourself as well.


In my family's tradition, we only give out red envelopes to family members who are not married, parents are the exception. Other people who you know of that would like to receive good fortune for the new year would have to say "Gon Hey Fat Choy", roughly translated "Congratulations, Good Fortune Be With You".


As a result of my well planned and well executed fortune boosting techniques, the good fortune gods has smiled my way strongly and intently. This year is going to be a very prosperous year for me and my family.

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