My Perfect Soul Mate

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First of all I'm a black woman (although I consider myself a melting pot of different ancestry). My perfect soul mate has to have a similar lifestyle as mine (is passionate about fitness and living his life accordingly), loves to have fun and has a great sense of humor, takes care of his business ie. finances, dreams, goals, a true artist in that he has a creative approach to whatever he does. He should care about his environment and give back to the community and the world, have a strong relationship with God, be romantic and passionate, and have an open mind and heart. Sounds like a tall order, huh? Actually it's not because that's how I am.

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for me He (1) has to be able

for me He (1) has to be able to really laugh like there is no tomorrow. he cant be afraid of love and silent conversation. and willing to go with the flow or rage against the machine when need be. (2) be flexable and open to the exchange of ideals and principals and culture. (3) understand that Faith and spirituality are important to me. but one of my biggest requirements is he has to look at me and kiss me everyday like its the first day....(i'll explain that if needed)

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Doesn't sound like a tall

Doesn't sound like a tall order at all. If you're like that then there are definitely other people in the world who are similar. Although, sometimes, opposites do attract!

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That is so true!

My wife and I came from very different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Later in life we realized that we had more in common than we initially thought; especially in family and the life style that we chose to life by, I would say we are a match made in heaven.