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Hello everyone!

I'll do my introduction. I'm black and I'm really into Asian guys. I was romantically involved with a West Asian guy for about 5 years and we have one daughter together. We didn't work out for various reasons, one of them being a culture difference to some extent.

I'm really open-minded about dating outside the races and have always wondered why I don't see more black/Asian relationships. Many of my friends and family kind of look at me weird when I say that I like Asian guys. They tend to think that such a pairing is a joke and believe that such pairings won't last. They almost threw a party when I called it quits with my ex. But it's nice that this community has been created so that we can learn and understand each other.

On to more personal stuff, I'm not an overly interesting person. I like video games. I just recently started playing WoW (World of Warcraft) and FFXI. I watch anime and Korean dramas. I actually used to listen to Korean pop music but not so much anymore. I don't watch tv much except for the Bad Girl's Club (I know, I know - trashy reality show), Lie to Me, and House. Other than that - I don't know what's out there in TV Land asides from kid shows. I have a wide range of interests actually.

I actually have a nice job working for a major corporation. Nothing much to really say about that. But I am looking forward to Blasianton's growth!

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Very Fab Indeed!

Thank you for that wonderful introduction. I too, look forward in the Blasianton Community growing and reaching to all parts of the world with it's branches. Other than my family, there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying as to helping and contributing to a community.