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Cultural and language barriers are the two biggest reasons why any relationship wouldn't work. But, it's also what hinders and divides interracial relationships...

With patience, understanding, and love...the relationship is not impossible :)

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If you meant to say "Without patience", then I would totally agree with you. The lack of communication and lack of education and understanding of any two groups would cause some sort of animosity towards them. It is worst when they are too engulfed in there own comfort zone to care about any other group. (do not like using race, because we are all part of the human race!) Especially when there is a devious third party fueling the fire. Let's call those people the Majority and everyone else the Minority.

The only way the Majority can keep control is to pit the Minority groups against one another. Sadly, we all fall into this trap.

The following link is to a website that has a video of a Chinese woman and a Black woman fighting on the bus; and through out the whole scene, no one stepped in to stop them. There were Chinese people who spoke English, but they chose not to get involved; and guess who was holding the camera filming everything? You guessed it, a Majority man.

This is a community website, so I am not going to use that video on here.