Life Is Too Short

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I'm a firm believer of positive energy and making a difference in the world. When it comes to our personal lives it's not so easy especially when what you want in a partner goes against the "norm" of what others perceive is the right way. That includes our loved ones especially. I've seen so many times where family members and friends go out of their way to ruin a relationship, especially interracial ones. Why? Because they don't think it's right or because black women are turning their backs on black men or for whatever other reasons they can come up with. Life really is too short and tomorrow isn't promised to us. So do we spend our lives trying to please others or do we pursue what is really in our hearts? What is in there? Love. That's all. That's all we want. So maybe it's in the form of a handsome Asian man you saw at the grocery store. Is that so wrong? Or maybe that beautiful black woman you saw in the coffee shop the other day. Did you seize the opportunity to talk to him or her? As I have stated, I'm a rebel and I'm just too feisty to sit in a corner doing nothing. The next time we see an opportunity like that I say we go for it. Who knows? Perhaps we will be writing our success stories somewhere.

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Success Stories... now that is a good topic!

I totally agree on all fronts. Some people just can't stand it when you are happy with out them. This includes families, old ex's, people of the same background as you, etc.. They assume that since they either know you, or know of you, or look like you, they automatically know what is best for you, or think they have a right to speak there mind and utter their two cents. I say not! By the way, some people are just plain hypocrites.

Life is too short! This is one of the reasons why these community exist, to bring down some of those barriers that prevent different groups from mingling. On Blasianton, you know why you are here, and you have a better idea of why the other community members are here. We are all here because we have one thing is common, we are interested in Blacks and Asians mingling, and maybe making some Blasian babies along the way. Rebel or not, we deserve to be happy too.

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I really don't think they're ready for us but that's just too bad. We've spent too long being afraid of what others think about our choices in a mate and it is time for us to be happy and definitely make some Blasian babies!