Why do I like BW over AW

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Just keep in mind that this is from a guy's point of view. Guys see things physically, and the following is my interpretation and experience. I do not speak for all Chinese men or Asian men.

After many years living among my own group, I had grown tired and unsatisfied. Living in Chinatown for most of my adolescent life made me wondering what is out there for me? All though out grades school, I was always attracted to girls other than Chinese. No, I did not date any girls other than Chinese before college. Looking back, I wished that I did. Life is much too long to wonder, and having your mind and soul in limbo. Thank goodness for college.

In college I was able to find other like minded people with like minded ideas. One of them is my wife. Call me shallow, maybe I am just a little, but black girls have more than "meats" my eye, personal preference that's all. I just like to see my women with some meat in all the right places. Chinese girls I dated or know of, they often don't have what I am really looking for.

Let me tell you a secret, straight from Chinese culture. There are two saying that is pass down from father to son; it's about what to look for in the perfect wife, and the color of your skin has nothing to do with it. The following on rough translations and kept as PG as possible.

1) "When a women is wife material, she is able to cook up a storm and also be a good hostess"

2) "Must have food on top and hips on the bottom"

Food is a metaphor for breast, and hips is of course able to bare him a big family. This is the same as the "hour glass" figure. Ladies, please use the information I provide for you wisely, and good luck.

Why do I like BW? Because a BW is who is perfect for me.

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Very Informative^^
thanks for sharing your experiences here :)
We Black women need to find more open-minded men like you, haha