Put some PEPA in your Salt N Pepa

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Yes this is really true, Pepa has gone Asian! But wait, this is not the real scoop I am interested in; don't forget to go all the way to the bottom where the comments are. As usual, there are a lot of Black men hating on any Black Women being happy but not with a Black Man. As seen in this article from mediatakeout.com

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Thanks for posting the photo of Pepa and her man. I read some nasty comments on another website. Wow, people are really upset about another person's life. They need to be concerned about their life and their choices.

I just wished that being with someone that is different from your culture was not a big deal, but I know better than to even with for that. As a human species, we are tribal and territorial.

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i was wondering if they were still dating after the show ended. He really seemed like a nice man. sexy too. Especially when he cooked for her.

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Thank you for that info! I actually didn't know that it was a show. I just saw episode 8 and I am a fan already.