Parental Guidance Gone Terribly Wrong!

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I came across this Chinese web article. It shows a 12 yr old Chinese girl before and after applying make up. Everyone is so amazed that a 12yr girl can apply make up like a professional. I on the other hand is wondering why her parents are allowing this to happen. She is a little girl and she needs to live the life of a little girl until she is at least old enough to drive. I don't know if this is happening in U.S.A. or other countries, but this is not helping China's image at the moment.

The original article is on a full Chinese website; has translated the article, and their link is below.

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little girls love to play

little girls love to play dress up. Some parents allow their children to have the kiddy makeup (ie. lip gloss) But I have never seen a child do this. Part of me says that she is very talented and should probably become a makeup artist for the stars when she grows up. The other part of me wonders why is she allowed to wear so much makeup.

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Way to much makeup

Wow, that little girl is being brainwashed, she is now a little Asian Barbie Doll, and she is now a fetish for men who like little girls that look older. Geez . . . not good.