What is Blasianton?

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About Blasianton

Blasianton is a community based upon the common interests of Blacks, Asians, and Blasians culture.

How Are We Different From The Other Social Networks

Blasianton.com is not a social network! We are a community-based group made of Blacks, Asians, and or Blasians.

Your average social networking website employs many different methods in making the process of communication and friendship very impersonal. With the invention of social networking, the quality of relationships has dramatically diminished; we have grown accustomed to leaving short notes and messages. At Blasianton, we are about building quality relationships; either of love or of friendship, we believe in taking your time.

Blasianton.com has employ methods to promote quality relationship building; all of our methods require time and effort! Our current methods are forums, blogs, and your personal profile; we will add more methods of communication as the community grows.

Making new connections will be easy and simple. New connections can be made through community chatrooms or an initiated private chat. The information we ask you to provide, in your profile, is personal but now to the point where any community member can abuse it. This community is open to the general public, but only community members will have access to grouping mythologies to connect with other community members within their vicinity

Guidance For Blasian Couples And Their Families

What community would be complete without a advise and guidance column! At Blasianton.com, we offer real advise from real people. The advise columns will be ran by Experienced Mothers, Fathers, and or Parents.

To become a "Community Leader" and run your very own Blasianton advise and guidance column, you must meet one of the following criteria.

  1. Must be a parent of a Blasian child or children.
  2. Must be married to the mother or father of the Blasian child or children.
  3. Must be an already established Blasian community leader and activist; minimum requirement is a blog and or forum maintained by you for at least six months or longer.

Benefits of being a Community Leader:

  • Be a contributor to a greater cause
  • Mentoring individuals in need
  • Traffic Sharing between your blog/website and Blasianton
  • Imported Feeds will not be stripped of Ads (Only Google and Yahoo Ads are supported)

The future of Blasianton

As far-fetched as this may sound, this is nothing new. At its’ current state, Blasianton is just a mere website for connecting people with a common interests together. In the not so near future, we envision Blasianton to be one of the commonly known neighborhoods that exists in any city and or country.

The following are just some examples of these neighborhoods that you may know of or come in contact with.

China Town
American Town
Korean Town
Japanese Town