Asian Guys, I know where you are!

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Hi Ladies, this is your lucky day. Today, on Blasianton, I will reveal where most Asian guys are more likely to hang out. Sure you can look for your typical Asian guy in your school, work place, or recreation area; but the secret is MMORPG -- Massive Multiple Online Role Playing Game.

All you have to do is some research on GOOGLE for "top ten MMORPG". This should bring up the top list for the country that you are living in. In the USA, the list should look similar to the one below.

The order of popularity doesn't matter that much. What matter is what interest you.

  1. World Of Warcraft – popularly known as WoW
  2. Lord of the Rings Online
  3. EverQuest 2
  4. EVE Online
  5. GuildWars
  6. City of Villains
  7. Pirates of the Burning Sea
  8. RuneScape
  9. Dark Age of Camelot
  10. Final Fantasy XI

Now you might be asking yourself, "I am looking for Asians not Americans". You are absolutely correct in thinking that. Even though Asians live in America or a non-Asian country, they might not be playing those MMORPGs. The following is an Asian MMORPG list.

*Unfortunately most of these MMORPGs are Windows-based games; however, fortunately most of them are free to play.

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Thanks, I hope it helps us ladies out.