Negative Black / Asian News

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Although I wished that all news can be positive and up-lifting, I am very disappointed in hearing about "Black/Asian Tension" type incidents.

I personally dislike news like these but it just has to be addressed. As a parent myself, I know maintaining a family is hard; but I don't see why positive guidance for your children should be left for others. It is not hard to guess that these are misguided children looking for attention and do not know of right from wrong. I just wished that communities like Blasianton are more wide-spread. Then we can reach and unite more Blacks and Asians together.

Anti-Asian Assaulters Turned in by Parents

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I just got broken up with by my Asian boyfriend he cites family values as the reason. What gives about family influence and dating in an Asian household? My girlfriend is Asian and she tries to explain family pressures. I have a supportive and accepting family I date many men outside my race. I dont understand.