Choose a side?

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I learned about and understood my ethnic identity at a very young age, and I always saw myself as black AND Korean. I wasn't given the "option" of choosing until I moved to Chicago at age 7. Having been raised as an Army brat, an environment where I met many kids like me - ethnically mixed, it was a bit of a culture shock to move from that life in Korea to a predominantly black community.

My paternal grandmother at one time had an argument with my sister, who was 12, about how she was identifying herself on a school form. Instead of simply choosing the African-American/Black option, my sister wanted to fill in for both. I didn't witness the beginning of this argument, but I did walk in on it.
As I did, my grandmother said to my sister, "Watch. Vicky, what are you? Black or Korean?"
"I'm black-"
"-and Korean."
"No... You're black. You're dad is black, so that's what you are."
I don't remember the rest, but yeah, that was basically my introduction to the "one drop rule." We probably didn't discuss it any further, but it didn't matter because my sister and I didn't change our views - just expanded it.

There have been a couple of times, talking to Asian classmates, where it was suggested that I only hang out with the Asian group. I don't think they meant it in a serious manner, of course, but it was just a weird thing to say to me. Why would I suddenly stick to one group, Asian or not?

I could never choose a side. To me, it feels like favoring one parent over the other, and I love them both dearly and equally. I belong to both sides.

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My daughter is half Black and

My daughter is half Black and Chinese. I know we will try our best to bestow the knowledge and cultures of both worlds so that she may live a full and rich life. I am very glad that a blasian community like this exist. Hopefully it can grow to something more at a later date. ~~ and nice to meet you both Ivy & Jm.

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Thank you. ^^ I'm glad that

Thank you. ^^
I'm glad that you'd let your daughter get to know that side of her if she should choose to do so. Too often, some parents just don't bother with or want to repress it.

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Re: Choose a side?

What an interesting entry. I agree that you shouldn't side with a part of you... I am African-American. My daughter is African-American and only 1/8 Filipina. But, she definitely looks mixed. But, even if she didn't LOOK mixed, I wouldn't be against her claiming each race. But, I would have some concerns with her claiming one race vs. the other. We should all be proud of our entire racial makeup. No matter if we are mixed or not.

I am happy that you see things the way you do regardless of what influences you become faced with.