Self Proclaimed First Success Story of Blasianton

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I am not sure if my story is really the first success story of Blasianton, but since no one else is claiming that title, lol I will.

I was raised in Chinatown, NY; my wife was raised in Coney Island, NY. We are six years apart! Some might say that I am robbing the cradle. lol maybe I was, but I am so happy that I did. I am a computer major, she is an afro-hist major. lol yes we are total opposites. How did we meet you might want to ask?

This is our success story, and here it goes...

At one time in my life I was a math-head and tutored math to make a quick buck. One day a student came to me for help and she was very fine. lol and yes it was ok since she wasn't my student. I was just her tutor back then. After several sessions of tutoring, we came to know each other and exchanged numbers. Kind of fuzzy when thinking back who ask who... we both agreed that it was a mutual exchange.

On our first date we went to the movies. She was actually over an hour late. Let's say I am glad I waited. She was all dolled up just for me that day. I swear, that day I felt like I was on cloud nine and I was the envy of all. During the movie, "Swordfish", I played it very cool. I only asked for a hello hug from her and got a "friend hug". Ladies I am sure you know what I mean by that. lol you have several levels of hugs you give to guys. Now that I looked back, Swordfish was not a good movie for a first date. All and all, the first date ended with some kissing. lol planned and schemed for that to happen with the candy swapping technique.

On our 2nd date we went to a quite place for two. To my surprise, she made lunch for us. In my mind I was like, WOW she is very easy on the eyes AND she can cook too??? By the ancient Chinese standards of the perfect wife, she has HIT major amount of points that day. I am not a rusher, but I was pretty much sold and ready for the next level in commitment. BTW the food was delicious.

The 3rd date, I pop the BIG question of going steady. That was one of the BIGGEST days in my life. I am so lucky she said yes. Well, everything else after the 3rd date was like something out of a fairy tail.

Currently, we are married and have one Blasian baby girl. We plan to have #2 next year. lol trying is the best part of having babies.

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Thank You Everyone

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and support!

In the next few months to come, Blasianton will be reaching out to local meetup groups with the same agenda as us, making the perfect blasian babies and a family to be admired by others.

Please let me know if you already are using one or have one in mind, so that I may contact them.

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So Sweet

Such a beautiful story! I really hope I meet "the one" someday and be as blessed as you two have been!

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You're story was wonderful

You're story was wonderful and I'm glad you two had each other's back. That how you made it through..unfortunately we dont all end up wih that strong companion who stands up for you under pressure.

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A story that inspires is always a good one!

The following is the untold story of the road to happiness for a Chinese man and a Black woman; sometimes you have to ask yourself what are you willing to give up to be with your soulmate.

In our path to happiness, we encountered many hurtles on both fronts; believe it or now, it was from the women in our families. She has a mother on her side and a sister and me a mother and three sisters. Together we have a bunch of noisy family members that had too much to say and not enough understanding to go around. At times we felt like it was an up hill battle, but love does conquer all. I am proud to say that we have been together for about ten years and married for half of those years.

The truth of the matter is that we were very persistence and made sure that we stamp out any negativity before things had a chance to fester. As soon as someone had something negative to say, we took care of it before they had a chance get in a second word. We made it known that we as a couple are here to stay, and nothing anyone said could ever chance that. This is what you have to do to show family that you mean business. To be honest, if family members truly wanted happiness for you, they would let you be and support your decisions. After three years or so into dating they finally realized that and backed down. lol they had to have known that cause of the engagement ring her finger =0)

Fast forward, we finally got married! Where do we live in a big city like NYC? Chinatown? Coney Island? Harlem? It was very hard finding a suitable place for us to live and be happy. We had to find a neighborhood where people would care less about if we were black or chinese. We realize that our choices were very limited. Lucky for us we were able to find such a middle-class neighborhood in brooklyn. Anything thing lower than middle-class means that we would have to encounter closed-minded people who will stare and speak their minds with out thinking. Life is much too long for you to live in a place where you are not welcomed. We decided to live in a neutral area neither of Black nor Chinese/Oriental-Asian.

Currently, even in this not so good economy, we are doing better than most. We are both educated college grads with family in mind. I bring home the bacon and she makes sure that it is cooked to perfection. Together we are YIN and YANG. Thinking of family first can never be wrong. We always plan ahead and look forwards to the challenges that life throws at us. For all we have went through, the LORD has blessed us with a beautiful Blasian girl who is about to turn two this year.

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Yeah, I'd like to read more

Yeah, I'd like to read more too~
Were there people who challenged your relationship? Or were you lucky enough to have full support from others (my parents had support from both their families - as far as I know)?

And six years isn't "robbing the cradle." :P

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Loved your story

What a sweet story! After each paragraph I let out a wish-that-could-happen-to-me "Awwwwwwwwww!" :) lol
I have questions, if you don't mind...
How long have you two been married? When did you pop the question? What was the biggest hurdle you two overcame together as a mixed couple? How old is your child? could just write a part 2 to this story, lol.

Have a good day, FL! You and your family ;)