Music and Me

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♫♪We've been together for such a long time now; Music and Me~♪♫ - Michael Jackson

I'm so used to these forum sites already having a place for media discussion that this is kind of weird to make this a blog entry. :P But I just want to talk about music - what I like, my experience with it, etc. I encourage discussion, of course. :3

I feel that I can honestly say that music is my drug, my addiction. I had to go without my MP3 player once, just for a few hours, and it drove me *crazy*.

Music and me
Music was always playing when I was growing up; probably because my dad's family was the type to play music and make the kids dance for them, he sort of followed trend. LoL. I'm really glad that he's so open to genres because, although he played a lot of RnB, Rap, Hip-Hop, and Soul, he also played plenty of Pop, Country, and Rock. People, even my relatives, are often surprised about what musicians I know because of him. My dad even surprised us last year when he told us that he was a big Pink Floyd fan back in the day! I got my classical music from cartoons, which may kind of seem like a lame source, but it piqued my interest in it for the better. That played a role in me joining choirs from 5th to 12th grade. Doing that helped me develop leadership skills, and I got to go to Disney World twice because of it. :D Though it's been almost ten years since I was last in a choir, I still love to sing - just not as high as I used to since I was a 1st Soprano during all of that. Now, I would say I'm officially 2nd Soprano going on 1st Alto. D:

Throughout my life, there were very few things that I could easily say were my definite favorites, like food, song, book, and so on, but I never had a problem stating who my favorite singer is: Michael Jackson. Bad was my first (and favorite) MJ album and my first MJ song to "sing" as a toddler (my first song was "Stop to Love" by Luther Vandross). Most people like Thriller more, but that's second place for me, followed by Dangerous, Off the Wall, History, and Invincible. What was always awesome to me was our birth date connections. We have the same birthday, he was born the same year as my dad, and I was born in '85 while he was in '58 (number switches FTW). Unfortunately, another connection we have is that his date of death was my sister's 29th (he was born on the 29th) birthday. That was a very heavy day, well... several days, for me...

And now
Anyway, a lot of the music I often listen to now consists of J and KPop due to my anime fandom and being best friends with a fellow half-Korean. I have more appreciation for the music, rather than the lyrics... since I don't understand them. xD;; I still listen to a variety of tunes, and I'm usually pretty open minded - don't push it, though, I do have some major music dislikes. Music is my distraction from the world. I will choose to listen to music over socializing any day, and I do, almost every time I'm at school or alone in public. I'm not anti-social, I swear. LoL. And every now and then, my friends and I go to a noraebang for a couple of hours of multi-language karaoke. :3

Wow, TL;DR majorly. xDDD

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Music, like my training and dancing, is like breathing to me. It's a part of who I am and one of the ways I express my passion and creativity. Like you, I listen to my Blackberry and mp3 player daily. I cannot fathom a day without music! For me not to do that is like not breathing at all! Like you music played throughout my house and it was mostly R & B. I'm a violinist so I began to hear different styles as I continued to play. I call my style now eclectric. My favorites now are Electronica and Ambient. Mostly because I train to it and it's fun music to me. I still listen to other types (I have so many faves!). Thank you for sharing this part of who you are. It's a great way to get to know one another. I hope to see what others enjoy as well.

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Ivy, thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed reading your blog entry. =0) ~~ looking forward to your next entry.