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Why is it so hard to befriend Asian guys in Cleveland.They are here sprinkled around.I guess when I start school in the summer I'll see.Well If you know the answer let me know,I would appreciate it.

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I don't really chat up Asian

I don't really chat up Asian men, or people in general, but the few I've had classes with at my current school, tend to keep to themselves. It's only when they find/learn about a similarity they share with someone, in one case - video games, that they came out of their shells.

So, one theory may be that they're waiting, watching, and learning before getting to know others.

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I so wished that this wasn't true...

I so wished that this wasn't true. We are all separated by groups and tend to stay with in our comfort zone. If you would like to break into the other group, you would have to go the extra mile and get into their comfort zone. if you are starting college it will be easier, cuz most people there are there because they want to learn and do better. Btw, what type of asian guys are you interested in? Chinese? Japanese? Korean? Thai? Vietnamese? other?

I am Chinese, so I can answer some of those questions if you have them.