What Do Asian Men Want?

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I’ve been reading the blogs here and have observed many things. In my opinion I do my best in just about everything I do. Many of them I have been quite successful in. The one thing that seems to elude me is a successful relationship with a Chinese man. Now I’ve read what Japanese Major has said about being considered “damaged goods” if you have children. Then I should be considered destroyed having five daughters LOL! I’ve read the success story of our founder as well. I’ve read blogs about how Asian men tend to stick to themselves instead of venturing out. I’ve read dating advice from men telling us what men really want in women and relationships. Hmm, now I consider myself a strong, warrior-type of woman. That’s not to say that I’m not soft, sensitive, romantic, passionate towards my man (when I have one LOL) or towards anything I do in life. I still read about “bringing home the bacon while the wife cooks it.” Well, what happens if the wife has to bring home the bacon as well? Single mothers do it all the time. Why? Obviously because we must. As a trainer, event planner, life coach am I supposed to give that up in pursuit for a “happy and successful” relationship? Better yet, I have no idea how a Chinese man will take me since I never had that opportunity. These aren’t just a job to me. They’re part of me. Fitness, to take care of my body and provide me with the confidence that I can achieve anything I set my mind to do; event planning, I love throwing parties and entertaining others; life coach, I love empowering others to succeed and to spread the message that you can achieve anything you set your mind to do with hard work and perseverance. So then how in the world would he see me? Would he be intimidated? I don’t bite (well unless you want me to bite you LOL). Trust me, I am a woman so no fears that I’m not! I have no problems speaking to strangers. I do that all the time even if it’s just a smile, a kind word, or just trying to make someone else’s day a little brighter. So then why is it I may be considered something else that I’ve heard so many times about black women? By the way, my ancestry is African American, Irish, British, Chinese, Creek, Blackfeet, and Cherokee Nations so I don’t consider myself to be any one race. So now tell me what DO Chinese men want or any other Asian man for that matter?

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I think that Asian men just like any other man who is serious about wanting real love will accept you for who you are, where you are in your journey and how the two of you can grow together. Some men no matter the race will be intimated by you if you are not a "yes daddy" (hehe)kind of girl.In that extreme case they obviously have issues with their own self-esteem if they to feel like a man by looking down on a woman. There are many men who hold on to traditions of women staying in the home having a ton of babies while they work to pay the bills and there are many women who have no problem fulfilling that role.There are also men who admire the strength and determination you bring to the table being the event planner, life coach, trainer that you are. They will value your drive and inspire your ambition. I think when it comes to Chinese specifically, it really depends on their upbringing as well as their perception of the role a woman should play in their life also their willingness to change that perspective if the woman is worth the investment. My bf usually says he is chinese because people give him the blank stare when he says he is from Taiwan. He told me he liked the fact that I worked because I brought something to the table and sung "Ms. Independent" to me when I asked why he loved me lol. As I pursue other business ventures he has been very supportive of my efforts for the most part. I also know that as long as the house is kept and I cook now and then he wouldn't mind be being a stay at home. So I know there are Asian men who don't mind "Ms. Independent" (hope my reply wasn't too long)

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It all depend on the "cut of man" you meet. I mean I work outside of the home for financial reason, and my wife works inside the home to keep the family together. Both jobs are just as hard and demanding as the other. Nowadays there are no real traditional roles in a marriage. All that matter is bringing up and raising a healthy family; everyone has to do their part.