Happy Chinese New Year! (Lunar New Years)

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Today we took our daughter out to celebrate her first Chinese New Year in Chinatown. The day started out hectic, many late comings and droppers; but the day ended better than expected. Nothing says Happy Chinese New Years than with close family and friends celebrating it with you.

Our Restaurant of choice, GOLDEN UNICORN; good food and better company, you can not ask for anything more. I hope next year we can set up something similar for our Blasianton members living in and around NYC. Anyone interested?

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I was looking for a good restaurant to try next time I come to NY thanks for the suggestion. (Since I'm in the philly area I truly need to find a good place at china town in philly, still haven't found the one yet)I celebrated Chinese New Year with my boyfriend's family, it wasn't much we just ate delicious food and sat around talking. I actually had more fun last year because we went to a celebration at his mom's church and I wasn't quite his girlfriend then. I enjoyed the cartoon character red envelopes.

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Here are the sources I use to find my restaurants. I set them both for philly for you.



The only thing I didn't like about GOLDEN UNICORN was that the bathrooms were very tight. Otherwise, everything was to my liking.