Family Trip to Mobile AL

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Recently my Grandma-inlaw passed away and we had to make a short trip to Mobile, AL for her funeral. That was the bad news... The good news is that we got to meet with some of our cousins who are around the same ages as us. While in AL, we were shown around; we even had a chance to visit the local mall, and some site seeing. I swear, the locals can tell a NY'r a mile away, we were the only ones wearing coats...

The mall wasn't anything special. It was like any other mall. All we notices was a good mixture of white and black, and two asian men at a massage booth. There was also an Asian Market, but unfortunately I was told that it was a bunch of mature people and not so much of what we were looking for.

I learned something from this trip -- it is really hard to find oriental-asians when there isn't some sort of asian-town. To find more asians, one must go to a diverse place, college would be the best option.

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