Valentine's Day

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As I'm sure people, commercials, and various other advertisements have been all up in your face about it, V-day is, like, right over there. *points*

Now, I'm not one to get excited about this day, but I'm sure at least a few of you are all about it. This blog post is for you guys to share your V-day stories, past or present (assuming you discuss this year's V-day), good or bad. What do you like/dislike about V-day? What is your favorite V-day memory? And so on.

As I said, I'm not all happy-go-lucky about this day. It's not because I'm single and/or pessimistic, rather that I feel that a lot of people seem to see this day as one of a handful of days to express their love. To me, that shouldn't be saved for designated "holidays" unless it's a personal day, like your anniversary. But if you still go all gaga for it, that's up to you, and it's none of my business, really.

The one time I truly enjoyed celebrating V-day -aside from Elementary school (yay, candy!)- was during my Senior year of high school. I was part of an all-girl choir called Les Chanteuse, and the choir had a fundraiser, letting other students order singing valentines. So, we spent the whole day singing and didn't have to attend classes. Total win! xD In honor of that, I'm actually going to wear the shirt (the attached image - gawd, I'm old) we wore for it, one that I helped design, and so is my old choir teacher! :D I also will be listening to "Happy Valentine's Day" by Outkast several times, as I have been since I got the CD. LoL.

Alright, *tag* you're it.

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