The Seeds of Life: building a better tomorrow

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Several years ago we started planting seeds here and there; there were so many different types of seeds to plant, it was literally limitless.

My wife has always been a master at this; but for me, it took quite some learning on my part. Today, I do this without hesitation; it has become a part of my daily life style. I can truly say that I eat, sleep, and dream about planting seeds. I have to admit, I have gotten so much more out of life since I started on this journey. I sincerely hope that everyone would join me in planting some seeds today.

What do I mean by planting seeds? lol, it is a metaphor for putting others before yourself! We believe in reaping what you sole; because we all know that Karma is a bitch when she bites. Oh this is definitely not as easy as it sounds, there is always so much work to be done. I am currently joggling between my family, my wife’s family, our old friends, and my new friends.

What about the unreceptive ones? Hey, you can’t please all the people all the time; just be glad that you are able to please some of the people some of the time. It is quite all right to have some people dislike you. It is not necessarily anyone’s fault; some people just don’t click well with others.

When can I start collecting and really reap the benefits? It does not work that way. This is not finance, you can’t demand high yielding ROIs (return of investment) every time. These are real people you are dealing with; and real people function on real time, not virtual time or your time.

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