Longing for a Real House to call my own

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For the longest time we have been wanting to buy our own home. Even in pre-depression economy, the prices of real estate aren't getting any cheaper; doesn't help if we are living in NYC. To buy a half decent apartment today would cost about 350K for a two bedroom and 500K for a three bedroom. To be honest, my house-hold income is only about 10% of what I would like to afford for a comparable house, within a decent neighborhood.

If you live in NYC, you know rent is the biggest monthly bill you have; we pay over 1k a month for our dinky one bedroom apartment. Well at least is somewhat a safe neighborhood...

Gosh... a house, I would love to own a house. A house is so much better than an apartment. A house is a real home, and an apartment is just a big space within a building.

Settling... I hate to settle for an apartment, but it is some what of a permanent home for me and my family; and NO, I do not have 350K to kill on one. The next best thing we are considering is middle-class housing. YES I said housing! There are housing for the middle-class. Just GOOGLE it for your state and city; and apparently anyone making over 28k ish is considered to be middle-class in NY state. Although it is a seven to fifteen year wait, it is well worth it. When we get into our two bedroom apartment, we will be saving loads of money every month; it will be like getting a fat raise.

For now, we are struggling in middle-class-dom, and getting by month to month. lol there is always the Lottery...

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I completely understand where you're coming from. I wanted to buy my own house for quite some time now. I knew that I wasn't planning on staying in Kentucky so I started looking at real estate in other states. I chose Las Cruces, NM. The land is cheap and yes, you can make payments on it. AFFORDABLE ones say like around the $150s per month. The land costs a few thousand dollars. Instead of buying, I'm having mine built. Why? As a mobile personal trainer and a work-at-home life coach, I needed my own gym and office space. I live in a tiny townhouse but I made my dining room into a gym. We must do what we can LOL. What I did was open up an investment account at Sharebuilder.com. I pay so much a month to my shares of ETFs and 1 stock and that $10 a month for each of them really adds up. The end of the year, I roll that money and put it into my ING Direct savings account. So with the New Year, I just start all over with the same ones. I was supposed to have been moving this year but I wanted to concentrate more on getting my companies where I wanted them to be. I dropped the event planning and just stuck to the ones where I had more control. Being mobile, I go to the client and as I said, I conduct from home for the Life Coach. It's more flexible for me and I have the freedom that I want. That gives me enough time to focus on earning more money to put into the savings account. Now I'm a single mother and others may ask how can she do all that (buy land and have a house built). I do my homework first. I think you guys will be able to get your house. Just do some digging into what works for you and you will succeed.