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Hey, Guys. I just wanted to drop by and say hi and keep in touch. Lots of things are going on here. I started my new blog talk show called "Fitness Odyssey in the Mornings w/ Gerri B" so I'm excited about that. I started my own Blasian group site for those in Kentucky and the bordering states. I'm still working on that. Forelone, I don't know how you do it LOL! I do have one little pet peeve though. We don't interact on here that often. I belong to a self-help group called ToolstoLife.com. It's a really good site and we really take the time to support each other while we're making changes to our own lives. What I'm saying is that I wish we could have some unity on here. To be able to interact with each other a little more. I'm still writing in my own blog and with the newly completed gym (yea!), I'm seeing some wonderful changes. I'm supposed to be done by September with mine but it may be sooner than that. If so then I will officially be able to train other women by summer. I also opened a store called Sui Mystique Fitness Boutique but will be waiting for my website to be done so I can have some affiliates on there. So many changes! Just wished there were more Asian men here in Kentucky who liked the Sistas. Then maybe I could actually add some activities for us to do LOL. Anyhoo, just reaching out people. Don't be afraid to hit each other up on here.

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Wow you sound like you have a lot going on there well I wish you the best! Running a business is hard work I can hardly keep up with my online store let alone everything else I'm working on so keep your head up. I'm rooting for you.

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I just added my new video blog on Blip.TV as well called "On the Scene w/ Gerri B". I'll be posting videos for that shortly. So, I have the 3 blogs, the group site, just revamped my training regimen........Oh and did I mention having daughters LOL. It's all good. I love what I do and love being my own boss. So all that's missing now is a guy! Thanks for the boost!

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Running a community site is very hard indeed. I am very happy to hear that your life is so on track. It is a trek and an adventure to attract new members and keeping them active in an information-based online community.

Blasianton is still at its' early stages. The goal is to provide people with experiences and stories, of others, to let them know that Black Women and Asian Men are possible, and not a rarity. Most of us prefer a more hands on approach, meetup groups are great for that. I believe the best solution is to have them work side by side; meetup locally and write/blog about it afterward.

With that said, Blasianton will supports any local meetup groups, with the same agendas, as partners. Please read the about sections of this website and contact me.

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