A Man Is A Man

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As I read different forums and online discussions about AMBW I can’t help but wonder if many of the Black women who profess there undying infatuation for Asian men have ever interacted with one in real life. I get the impression that many of the ladies haven’t a clue about Asian men beyond their interest for martial arts films and K-Pop. Don’t get me wrong I understand that our interest have to start somewhere (I have no problem admitting that Bruce Lee was probably what peeked my interest in Asian men or that Dante Basco was probably my first Asian crush). However, since I’ve been blessed enough to have lived around a mixture of cultures since grade school, Asian men were never these mystical creatures from the strange Far East that were somehow going to build me up as a woman because I felt shot down by society. Living, playing, going to school and work with Asian Americans; I was exposed to many different cultures and personalities within the Asian community. A valuable lesson I’ve learned is that everyone individually is very unique. Asian and Asian-Americans are no exception to that general rule. Asian men are men too. They are men who happen to also be Asian. They have preferences, different attitudes about life, and use the toilet just like you. Being in a Blasian relationship, depending on the circumstances and social environment will have its typical (some not so typical) interracial dating issues. However, don’t forget that at the end of the day you are simply a man and a woman who happen to be in love.

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I actually have been exposed to the various cultures on a personal level. My first Asian 'experience' was with a Taiwanese guy that I had a friendship with for a long-time prior to getting involved. Alot of what appeals to me with Asian men is that their culture/family standards is very similar to the traditional black family. They revere their moms and are loyal to family. They tend to have an amazing work ethic, like my father (my hero), and the variety of looks (skin tone, face shape, body, eyes) is soooo sexy! At the end of the day, we actually have alot in common.
On the other hand; a man is a man is a man is a man! Just like every other guy they're obesessed w/sports (Lakers babee), get distracted when a big ass/boobs walk by, and like fast shiny nice-rimmed cars! But alas, I generalize. However, I have had dating relationships with Thai, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese guys...from my personal experience, all of the above are a little more appreciative of my presence and seem to be more upfront about their wants, needs, desires. I don't have to read minds and always feel like a cherished princess...
For the foreseable future, I'm SOLD!

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I think that you are very spot on Asian men are just men; also like to add Black women are just women.