Back from Korea

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I've been back since Sunday night, actually.

I returned with various souvenirs for friends, gifts from my mom, and over 1,000 photos. So yeah, when I said in my last post that it'd be a while before I edit and post photos in about two months, I wasn't joking. xD;;

I'm still jet lagged. I've been that way since we landed in Korea. I didn't get a lot of sleep because we went somewhere everyday and/or stayed up late for various reasons.

It was amazing to see my mom. She spent almost everyday with us, taking advantage of our visitation as much as possible. It's a good thing, too. We probably wouldn't have done as much without her guiding us. It was extremely painful when we said our good-byes. It makes me tear up just thinking about it...

The people were mostly nice and/or kept to themselves, but of course, we received a lot of stares. It didn't really bother me until we were in Busan. Apparently, not many foreigners visit Busan, and in crowded markets and streets, people were practically in my face, staring at me. That kinda pushed my buttons, and it almost ruined my evening. But I recovered after my mom pushed me to sing at the noraebang we visited. Oh, and there was a much older, angrier (perhaps drunk) man on one of the trains we rode who was clearly angry with our presence. It was alright, though. Everyone kinda smirked at our smiling faces or just looked/moved away from him.

I got to meet my step-father, who was extremely kind and relayed apologetic messages through my mom about not being able to hang out with us the rest of our stay. I don't know how many times he did it, but we kept assuring that it was okay. ^^;; I also got to see my mom's cousins, who remembered us well, though being as young as I was, my memory was quite blurry. Still, they accepted us with open arms as they always had in the past. ♥ They fed us well and footed the bill too. LoL. Unfortunately, my sister and friend got ill from overeating... I was fine, though! :D

The places we visited were beautiful. We had to WORK to get to most of those places because of all of the stairs, walking, and balancing (in trains, a boat, and on rocks) we did. It helped cancel out all of the food we ate. xDDD

Alright, well, the next post I make should be about the photos, so see ya guys in a month or two. xD;;;;

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We are glad that you are back with us again. Looking forward to seeing them pix!