Mobile At Last!

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Our family is finally mobile with a Honda Fit! The journey to being mobile is a long story.

First Choice, Honda Odyssey... roomy and spacious with a price tag to match! This was our first choice because we plan on having a big family. The extra room and comfort that this minivan has to offer is unmatched.

Runner up, Honda Insight... this 5 door hatch back hybrid runs up to 40 mpg city. That was the most appealing part of the car, with a sporty look and feel, you will definite enjoy this ride... unless you happen to be sitting in the back seat. The head room in the back seat is close to nothing.

What we settled on was the Honda Fit. This is the perfect car for us. For the price that we paid, it has all the bells and whistles that most people would envy. This little car looks like a mini minivan from a distance. It zips though the city with precision handle and control. Kind of remind me of a little worker ant, small but can carry twice it's load.

We are very happy campers!!!

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Congrats on the car purchase!

I've been wanting the Honda Fit for a while - ever since I first saw and sat in one at the Chicago Auto Show a few years ago. It's a such a cute car~ Too bad I still don't drive. :P